Member Resources

We are looking for members’ input to build this into a greater resource for all. Please contribute your suggestions, examples and links by contacting ASTTBC.

  1. Industry guides or regulations that are relevant to managing different technology areas

    • industry specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
      • components and measurements
      • framework
      • examples
    • public service sector agreements
      • criteria definitions
      • implementation criteria
  2. Technology assessment

    • Road mapping examples
    • Tools & definitions
    • Methodology options
  3. Request for Proposals

    • Tips and guides to process
    • Templates
    • Procurement process guidelines & tips
    • Best practices
  4. Intellectual Property (IP)

    • list of governmental agencies who assist with IP protection , e.g. patent registration
    • list of legal and professional agencies who can assist with IP related issues and concerns
  5. Human Resources Performance Development

    • Guides and templates
    • Links to resources or topic speakers
  6. Develop  training

  7. Industry reports

    • Links to industry reports, e.g. economic outlook reports, trade agreements, initiatives, labor market forecast
  8. Mentor List

    • You may select a mentor to guide your application from below list: