Become a RTMgr

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be a member of ASTTBC registered as either AScT or CTech. The applicant must also be in a management position within a technology environment and meet the prescribed levels of experience, education, and competency.

What are the registration classifications?

There are two classifications of registration: Registered Technology Manager, abbreviated as RTMgr, and Provisional Registered Technology Manager, abbreviated as RTMgr (Provisional). An RTMgr applicant will have met all the requirements for certification. An RTMgr (Provisional) is an applicant who is currently engaged in academic qualification courses in technology and/or business management, and has successfully acquired the primary competencies that allow them to manage at an entry or intermediate level.

What competencies are required of an RTMgr?

To be judged ‘competent’, applicants must prove substantial comprehension, functional level of usage, and experience in the following competencies:

Primary Competencies

  • Demonstrate leadership in a technical specialization
  • Plan and manage human resources
  • Apply regulations and laws for business
  • Manage projects
  • Analyze and solve problems through appropriate decision-making

Secondary Competencies

  • Apply fundamental accounting principles
  • Develop business strategy and structure
  • Communicate effectively in a technological environment
  • Conceive marketing strategies for technical products and services
  • Manage technological change

Supplementary Evidence

Applicants may submit supplementary documentation of their competencies including:

  • Evidence of having developed a successful business based on applied science
  • Books or published articles written by the applicant on topics related to their field
  • Teaching in their field at a post-secondary education institution
  • An invention or designer / developer of special processes related to their field
  • Hold a BSc or similar qualification in a science, engineering or technology discipline
  • Exhibit other attributes demonstrating professional excellence acceptable to the RTMgrCB.

Qualifications based on experience and competencies

An applicant may be considered based on extensive experiential learning and having managed in a technology environment for a minimum of six years. Those applying based on their experience must demonstrate a substantial understanding and ability to apply a series of competencies in a range of areas including: accounting, business strategy and structure, management techniques, human resource management, business law, project and change management, problem solving, technical communication, and marketing.

Qualifications based on education

An applicant may also be considered if they have achieved a Diploma or Bachelor of Technology in business management, an MBA, or another relevant business education credential, plus at least two years of experience during which the applicant has managed in a technology environment.


An applicant is required to provide names and addresses of four (4) people qualified to provide a credible, objective assessment of the technical abilities, judgment, work accuracy, attitude, personal characteristics and general professional outlook of the applicant. Acceptable references will normally include those who practice in technology management and have an appropriate professional designation or education qualification. The referees must be able to provide or confirm the approximate dates, duties involved and level of responsibility supporting claims of the applicant.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Once submitted, processing your application generally requires a minimum of three (3) months to complete. A certification board grants final approval of your application. The certification boards meet 5 times a year in February, April, June, September and November.


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